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Director, Children's Ministry

Beth Spears


Along time ago, Spears, Beth 2019
In a city far, far away.  
A little 3lb 13oz girl was born,
Here at First-Cen-Ten-Air-y. 

My first love of children,
Came at the young age of three. 
In a little bundle of joy,
Named Brit-tany. 

The first years of sisterhood 
Were full of laughter and joys.  
All except the first night
When I woke up and said, 
“Mama, what’s that noise?”

Fast forward a couple of years, 
When Dad heard a call from above. 
To go learn how to preach,
About God‘s amazing love. 

The life of a Preachers Kid,
Was a little different you see. 
When God called, you went,
And that’s where you’d be. 

Ten different churches, 
And nine different schools. 
I got to learn all the WAYS, 
And I followed all the rules. 

Being in a new place,
Wasn’t always that bad. 
With lots of new things to see, 
And fun experiences to be had. 

I rode horses, 
And played the flute. 
Petted cows,
And got my first cowboy boots. 

I learned how to be happy, 
No matter where we called home. 
I learned you can “Be You,”
No matter where you roamed. 

I learned to organize,
And pack a box well. 
I even got to start up 
A church nursery, as well. 

Opening presents through tears, 
My 12th grade year. 
Till Dad said, I’d never have to leave,
As UTC would be near. 

Five years in college,
Back then no one got out in four.
Working as a teacher, 
But God wanted more. 

Comfortable in life at the Children’s Enrichment Center. 
For sixteen years, until God whispered,
“Hey, look over here.”

Now it’s raining Blessings, 
And I’m thankful beyond measure. 
Because God has given me 
One of my heart’s greatest treasures. 


419 McCallie Ave | Chattanooga | Tennessee 37402 | 423.756.2021