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Free Meals Campaign

Our youth group provides meals for students on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. In the past, we asked parents to prepare/or pick up the meals. This was very time consuming and inconvenient for parents. As our numbers grew the expense also grew so we began to charge $2 per person for the meals. We soon discovered that many of our students could not afford to pay for these meals and those that could never carried money with them. Keeping track of who owes what and who could afford to pay became very taxing on our volunteers. Besides, asking a child who has no money to pay for a meal embarasses them. As a church, we are never going to turn anyone away from our table. So, we needed a way to pay for the meals. Thus, the "Free Meals Campaign" was born.

Recruit 36 Families to Give $150. This will raise $5,400 which will cover both breakfast & snack supper costs for an entire year.

Parents: This is way cheaper than what most of you in 2015! But still... We get it. You are hit up for money by the schools, your child’s sports teams, and other places constantly. If this is bad timing then no hard feelings! Give what you can when you can. Your gift is tax deductible and will feed all of our students (not just your own).

Drop a check made to “FCUMC” in the mail or in the offering plate on Sunday. Be sure to write “Free Meals Campaign” or “Youth Food” in the memo line!

Why this way is cheaper for parents:
In 2015, most of our parents provided two snack suppers and two breakfasts which means they spent around $200 total for the year. Plus $2 each time their child ate a snack supper (which would add another $92 for the year). That means our parents had to spend a total of $292.
This new idea will allow most parents to spend almost $150 less annually and not have to deal with the headache of taking care of these meals. Plus, it allows us to feed kids who cannot afford it. So, even if your child does not participate regularly your gift can help other kids.

How we save:
We save because we can streamline the meals. We have five meals that rotate. That way the kids do not have the same meal back to back. Week#1: Pizza, Week #2: BBQ and Chips, Week #3: Chicken Tenders and Mac & Chesse, Week #4: Sub sandwiches and Chips, Week #5: Homemade Tacos. We negotiated prices at specific places to keep costs down.

How we calculated the cost:
The average cost of one snack supper is $80. We meet 46 Wednesdays per year and serve around 50 students per week with breakfast & suppers. That means we need $3,600 to cover snack suppers.
The average breakfast costs $36. We meet 51 Sundays per year. That means we need $1,836 per year to pay for breakfast.
That is a total of $5,436. So, our goal is to raise that money through donations and possibly a golf tournament. (Our current budget pays for all the paper plates, utensils, napkins, and drinks.)

419 McCallie Ave | Chattanooga | Tennessee 37402 | 423.756.2021