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Weekly Newsletter -- The First-Centenarian

3-8-2020 FIrst-Centenarian

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How do I get an article published?

In The First-Centenarian
Consider the timeline for publishing the article.
The First-Centenarian has a Friday publication date.
Determine the Friday that you want your article to appear.
• The deadline for submission is NOON on the Thursday that falls 8 days before your target publication date.
• Plan to submit the article before the deadline.
   The article may be legibly handwritten or typewritten (paper or electronic – send to [email protected]).  Articles should be kept short, 150 words or less in length.  If photographs or graphics are to be included, these must be submitted with the article.

In the Bulletin
Deadline for submission is Wednesday Noon prior to the desired Sunday.  Space is limited in the publication.  Announcements are limited to 50 words or less. There is no specific format for submitted articles.

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