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Tuesday, January 10, 2017 8:43 AM

Don't Bother Me, I Am Busy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 8:43 AM
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 8:43 AM

Has anyone ever said to you, “Don’t bother me, I am busy.”  If you have said that or been on the receiving end of that it is an affirmation of the fact that interruptions can be bothersome.  Yet, on the other hand, interruptions may serve as opportunities.  For instance, read the following article written by a pastor from Portageville, Mo.

“We do not like to be interrupted.  In fact, Arnold Glasgow has written, ‘Applause is the only appreciated interruption.’  Glasgow is right, but only because we do not appreciate interruptions.  Let us see interruptions as possibilities, not just as problems.  Jesus knew the importance of withdrawing to a quiet place.  Yet in the Gospels, we see Jesus taking interruptions and making them teaching situations.  Remember the paralytic carried by four men.  Remember when Jesus was interrupted by Jairus (Mark 5:23) who pleaded with Jesus to help his ill daughter.  It was while Jesus was on that important mission that we find that dear woman who had hemorrhaged for twelve years.  How many sermons have been preached on her statement, ‘If I touch even his garments, I shall be made well.’  Jesus did not begrudge her interruption, rather he used it.  Knowing this, how shall we treat interruptions in the future?”

Or, we might ask more specifically, “How might we treat the certain interruptions that will come our way in this new year, 2017?”  May I suggest, in light of the above, that we might want to treat such interruptions as opportunities.  After all, it appears that Jesus was prone to do just that.

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