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Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:59 PM

Boldly Going

Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:59 PM
Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:59 PM


This was the program theme for Orange Grove”s annual Founders’ Day celebration. As I stood in the Fellowship hall of First Baptist Church, Golden Gateway on December 11, 2018, there were amazing sounds of laughter and many smiling faces.

Approximately 500 people were celebrating this year’s accomplishments and many attendees were there to be honored for their faithful service to residents of group homes and other areas.

The many awards included community partners, and I was there to represent First-Centenary. Along with First Baptist and First Nazarene representatives, we were honored to receive the Community Partnership Award for weekly hosting of our Orange Grove family.

This was more than doubly honoring as we count it a privilege to daily welcome these residents to our home. “Boldly Going” is a fitting description of how we are to go about our Lord’s business, and truly applies in the way we continue to meet the needs of others. May we continue to increase our service to those around us and boldly go out of our way to share the love of Christ in and out of season.

– Dr. Linda I. McDaniel

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