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Capital Giving

Warm Hearts... Willing Hands: Growing Ministry Together

That’s who we are at First-Centenary. We’re a congregation with a heart for Christ and for our neighbors. We’re a people who have never shied away from rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, who give aid and comfort when needed or share a hug or a laugh. We stand ready to help children, young people, adults and seniors grow in their faith and in service to Christ. For the thousands who pass through our doors each year and for those outside our walls whom we touch through our various missions and ministries, we are undertaking this campaign to keep First-Centenary strong and prepared for the work God is giving us.

What are the goals of the campaign?

As of March 2014 our balance on the capital campaign debt is approximately $180,000.  Our goal is to pay the $180,000 by Easter of this year.  One way this could be done is for 180 persons to give $1,000. Sunday School  classes and/or other small groups could set an amount to give.  There are persons willing to give matching funds.  We are not going to enter into another pledge campaign to reach this goal.  This is a request for gifts.  If we exceed this amount, the excess funds will be given to our trustees who are charged with the responsibility of caring for our facilities.

Growing ministry together
As you reflect on ways that God can use First-Centenary, please take some time to walk through our facilities that are a result of the previous building campaign.

Visit The Vine on a Sunday morning and see the exciting ways God is working, especially in the lives of young people and UTC students. Spend a few minutes in the remodeled children's wing. See how that bright and cheery space helps develop a growing faith in our youngest members while providing their parents with a safe and convenient place for their children.

Stop by the music suite and ask the choir members about the expanded space for rehearsals and robing. Join in the joyful fellowship which takes place before and after our traditional worship services outside the expanded entry to the Nave.

God has a very special mission for First–Centenary. Located as we are in the heart of the city, we are called to be a beacon of Methodism in downtown Chattanooga, to serve a growing downtown population, to reach out to the UTC students who are our closest neighbors, and to expand our service to the Inner City as we have for more than 40 years.

We have wonderful facilities in which many critical ministries are taking place. Let’s make sure our commitment to serve Christ and our community remains strong as we continue Growing Ministry Together.

419 McCallie Ave | Chattanooga | Tennessee 37402 | 423.756.2021