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OSP Staff

Producing Director
Jerry Draper
Church Liaison
Clint Cooper
Stage Manager
Jane Lovelace
Set Designer
Mike Sayne
Jenny Bacon
Lighting Designer
Robert Smartt
Jenny Bacon

Oak Street Playhouse presents...

The most ambitious season ever is ahead for Oak Street Playhouse in 2017 with our traditional spring and fall productions and our Christmas dinner-theater.

audition 2017
An Audition for a Murder
April 28-29, May 4-7
    A theater group is holding auditions for a murder mystery called “Death of A Disco Dancer.” The usual suspects show up to audition, including Mia Monahan, the militant method actress; Amber Frost, the ditzy drama queen; Chad, the energetic actor who never gets a part in anything; Alan, the accomplished theater major who works at a fast-food place in the meantime; Troy May, the egocentric actor who always gets a role; his gorgeous assistant, Tantanya, who holds his imported bottled water and carries his portfolio; and Mrs. Needleman and her precious daughter, Julie, fresh from the Little Miss Pumpkin Pageant finals.
However, director Vivian Vinderlou and assistant director Reed Moore don’t have enough copies of the script for everyone, and, well, the script isn’t even finished. Fortunately, playwright Jim Culter arrives with a few more copies and a few more finished pages just as one of the actors mysteriously dies. As luck would have it, Jim brought Inspector Bonnie Brauvera to the auditions to serve as technical advisor for the play. Who died? Will the killer be found? And will the playwright finish the script? After all, there is a read-through on Monday.

The Savannah Sipping Society    September 29-30, October 5-8
    In this delightful comedy by the authors of “The Dixie Swim Club” and “The Hallelujah Girls,” four unique Southern women, all needing to escape the sameness of their day-to-day routines, are drawn together by fate — and an impromptu happy hour — and decide it’s high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they’ve lost through the years.
    Randa, a perfectionist and workaholic, is struggling to cope with a surprise career derailment that, unfortunately, reveals that she has no life and no idea how to get one. Dot, still reeling from her husband’s recent demise and the loss of their plans for an idyllic retirement, faces the unsettling prospect of starting a new life from scratch — and alone. Earthy and boisterous Marlafaye, a good ol’ Texas gal, has blasted into Savannah in the wake of losing her tom-cattin’ husband to a 23-year-old dental hygienist. The strength of her desire to establish a new life is equaled only by her desire to wreak a righteous revenge on her ex. Also new to town, Jinx, a spunky ball of fire, offers her services as a much-needed life coach for these women. However, blinded by her determination and efforts to get their lives on track, she overlooks the fact she’s the one most in need of sage advice. Over the course of six months, these middle-aged women successfully bond and find the confidence to jump-start their new lives.

The Bench:  A Story of Christmas        December 1-2, 7-10
    Two men, one older, one younger, sit on a bench during the Christmas shopping season, waiting for their wives. As they get to know each other, Christmas happens around them; the mall players present a five-minute version of “A Christmas Carol,” a homeless man tells a bizarre tale, then sings “O Holy Night,” A Jewish woman, a greeter at the department store, recites a portion of “A Child’s Hanukkah in Pittsburgh,” and one of the men turns out to be not quite who we think he is.

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