2019 Lenten Study

 6 p.m. in The Vine.

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Call 756-2021, ext 3123 or email foodrsvp@fcumc.org.

March 13 - Introduction & Chapter 1
March 20 - Chapter 2
March 27 - Chapter 3
April 3 - Chapters 4 and 5
April 10 - Chapter 6 and Epilogue
April 18 - Maundy Thursday Service

An ordinary fisherman who heard an extraordinary call.

He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would change the world. That’s one way to describe Peter. Here’s another: poor, uneducated, quick-tempered, and full of doubts and fears. Doesn’t even sound like the same man.

And that’s the point of Adam Hamilton’s latest book and Bible study experience, Simon Peter. Peter was just an ordinary guy who heard and followed God’s extraordinary call. Discover how you, too, have special gifts, talents, and abilities that God can use to make a difference today.
Throughout our Lenten journey this year we will study and grow with Simon Peter from his calling on the seashore to the cross. There will be a sermon series in both the Sanctuary and The Vine that explores the life of Simon Peter and on Wednesday nights we will work through the Hamilton book.

Books are available through the church office for $15.

Lenten Study Session 1

Lenten Study Session 2

Lenten Study Session 3

Lenten Study Session 4

Lenten Study Session 5

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