Festival of Faith Conference Schedule:

Sunday, August 13

  • 10:45 Worship- Klyne, Sanctuary Sermon; Hannah, Vine Sermon
  • 5pm meal;
  • 6pm- Discussion on the role of story… in humanity… scripture… our faith lives

Monday, August 14

  • Noon-2pm- Workshop for Pastors “ Preaching Parables”
  • 4pm- Lecture 1
  • 5pm-dinner
  • 6pm- Lecture 1

Tuesday, August 15

  • 4pm- Lecture 2
  • 5pm-dinner
  • 6pm- Lecture 2
  • 7:30- Discussion recap (Question and Answer with the speakers)

Possible Lectures


  • Lecture 1- Beginnings: The Basic Nature of Story- The role of image
  • Lecture 2- Cycles: The Cycles of Growth- The heroes journey and the circle of life
  • Lecture 3- Endings: -Living the story of life to the fullest even when we know the ending


  • Lecture 1- Guidelines for approaching parables
  • Lecture 2- “Who God says you are?”- You are your history… the narrative construct of our lives… conversation as the ongoing process of change

Possible Discussion Topics for Sunday night/Tuesday night

  • The Abuse of Parable/story
  • Double vision story (double indirect communication)
  • Story as the opposite of abstract language…
  • Story/Parable as a mirror… examples

Identity formation/politics- who has the power in your story… to tell your story

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