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OSP Staff

Producing Director
Jerry Draper
Church Liaison
Clint Cooper
Stage Manager
Jane Lovelace
Set Designer
Mike Sayne
Jenny Bacon
Lighting Designer
Robert Smartt
Jenny Bacon

Oak Street Playhouse presents...

2018 Season continues!

ArsenicSeptember 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 at 7:30 p.m.
September 23 & 30 at 2 p.m.

Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring

Winner of the 2017 OSP audience poll.

After overcoming an attack of pre-nuptial nerves, Mortimer Brewster, New York theatrical critic, confirmed bachelor and author of millions of words against marriage, weds Elaine Harper, a minister’s daughter, on Halloween. On their way to their Niagara Falls honeymoon, Mortimer and Elaine stop in Brooklyn, where Elaine’s father lives next to Mortimer’s two maiden aunts and uncle. While Elaine breaks the news of her marriage to her conservative father, Mortimer drops in on his aunts, Abby and Martha. In his aunts’ living room, Mortimer searches for notes on his latest book, “Mind Over Matrimony,” and discovers a corpse in his aunts’ window seat. Immediately, Mortimer assumes that his deranged uncle, who believes himself to be Teddy Roosevelt, is responsible. To his horror, however, Abby and Martha calmly take credit for murdering Mr. Hoskins and later confess to killing not only Mr. Hoskins but 11 other men, all of whom are now buried in the cellar. Stricken by the story of his aunts’ murderous past, which began when an elderly visitor suffered a fatal heart attack in their parlor and inspired them with his peaceful repose, Mortimer tries to point out the error of their killing ways. Instead, Abby and Martha insist that luring lonely men into their home with a “room for rent” sign and serving them elderberry wine laced with arsenic and other poisons is a charitable service.
regiftersNovember 30 - December 9
The ReGifters by Robert Lynn
On Christmas Eve, the Henshaws, a barely rich couple with a cold, distant relationship, receive a present from friends in Germany. Even after studying it for some time, they still have no idea what the gift is. Lacking any Christmas spirit themselves, and with no use for the gift, they pass it on to their acquaintances/friends, the Mulligans, an accountant who never stops accounting, and his weary, ambivalent wife who is sick of the phoniness she sees at Christmastime. They dispense their own brand of holiday cynicism by keeping a chart of gifts given and gifts received in their living room in their desperate quest to take in more than they’ve given out. With only one couple left on their Christmas giving chart, the Cunninghams are the default answer to “What should we do with this thing?” The Cunninghams have their own problems with Jeff’s hypocritically pious mother butting heads with his neat-freak wife, and they find themselves at a loss at what to do with the gift. Their answer is to give it to the Weisses, a young, newlywed couple. Finally, the group learns an important lesson from this young couple about friendship, real wealth and the value of a gift truly given.


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